Through the Eyes of a Ranger is the incredible true story of a group of brave people risking their lives to help protect our endangered species from racing to extinction. In a part of Africa that suffers from poaching the most, lies an anti-poaching organisation in wait, armed with a powerful force: dogs. In this wild and unforgiving environment, a small yet well equipped team of field rangers and their canine partners, are training the next generation of dogs to protect.

We were able to make this film thanks to the access to anti-poaching canine units given to us by an

amazing, not-for-profit organisation called Canines for Africa (K94A).

The mission of K94A is to halt the demise of endangered wildlife in Africa and around the

world. Through the training of specialised dogs and their ranger-handlers, creating elite and highly

effective Wildlife Protection Canine Units, they help protect vulnerable animals from annihilation by

poachers. In conjunction with this work, they have educational programmes - from pre-school to

university - aimed at teaching the fundamentals of wildlife appreciation and conservation to the next generation.