Alexandra Sharp - Director & Researcher

With a passion for dogs and wildlife conservation, Alexandra came up with the idea for the documentary. She has extensively researched how she can combine her two passions to pursue a career that she can be wholly passionate about upon completion of her university degree. Graduating from UAL with a degree (BA: Hons) in Photography (and planning to study for an MA in Wildlife Filmmaking at UWE Bristol), her goal is to spread the awareness of species decline and climate change through eye-opening documentaries.

Director’s Statement :

“Earth is moving towards its sixth mass extinction – when over 75% of lifeforms become extinct. This will be the first mass extinction caused by human activity, and not by natural events. It is more urgent than ever, to expose the successful practices that are being used to help prevent the diminishing natural world from disappearing forever. What is different about Through the Eyes of a Ranger, is that it not only highlights the specialized work of anti-poaching canine units but focuses equally on the human lives behind these teams. By showing the sorrows, fears, anguish – but also the joys, hope and freedom – of these dedicated and courageous people, the film brings an innovative and fresh look at the world of anti-poaching. Since the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, tourism has all but ceased, forcing operators to let go of their staff, security and anti-poaching units. This has led to sky-rocketing poaching rates, for which many parks are no longer equipped. At this critical time, I urge you to watch our film, share their success and donate to the cause. It has been eye-opening to research the successes that anti-poaching dogs have had in the protection of Africa’s endangered species. This film manages to seize people by a shocking moment of raw reality yet also draw them in by a tender, compassionate story. I believe that this contrast will transform people’s perspective on the meaning of wildlife conservation. My underlying ethos is a devotion to free-living things and wild places, driven by my deep love and wonder for the living world. Animals saving animals is a twist on a story that most people will never forget.”

Having discovered a love for film, computer games and music at a very young age, Nate pursued an education in media and film studies which quickly led to music production and sound design. Upon completing ‘Sound design for film, games and television’ at SSR London in 2016, he utilised his 15 years of leadership and management skills as the Head of Operations at an experiential showroom focused on VR, AR, AI and new emerging technology called Sandbox HQ. Nate has since worked closely with VR start-ups such as Cortopia Studios, the makers of the VR cross-platform award-winning game Wands providing in game feedback, beta testing and participating in community discussions and subsequent update testing and review. Nate recently worked with, a new startup in VR documentary distribution as Consultant Project Manager for their initial pre-launch build and launch faze. He is also currently working on an upcoming adventure/puzzle/thriller VR game “One Sunday Morning”.

Producers Statement:

"Now more than ever, the detrimental effects of the illegal wildlife trade for human consumption has forced us to re-evaluate how we interact and take from the world we live in. With COVID-19 being a suspected direct result of the illegal meat trade, we have been forced into isolation. For people like Conraad and Ankeline, this isolation and fight has been their reality for over 30 years between them. Living in the remote South African bush, they have spent their lives battling against poaching with their canine partners. I believe these are the heroes, the world needs to know about.

In October 2019, I was first introduced to the director, Alexandra, who was working on a documentary, she was planning to shoot in South Africa in January 2020. Very quickly after meeting Alexandra, her positivity and unmatched passion for wildlife and filmmaking inspired me to not only to help with the documentary, but to join along as producer.

After spending 18 days with Conraad and Ankeline away from civilisation, I truly believe it is their life struggles, as humans we can all relate to, giving a different perspective in the fight against poaching.

Through the Eyes of a Ranger shows the contrast between the beautifully hostile wilderness, and the passion they show every day for the dogs, the animals, other humans and each other. With the comedic chaos feeding ten working dogs to the struggles they face with a corrupt government and community, the film is tied together with Conraad’s words of, “We live in paradise, but deal with hell”."

Frederik Fladholt a young Danish filmmaker, camera operator, editor and spark. With his most recent work at, he produced, filmed and edited a series of interviews and promotional shorts about the team. He was also DOP on a short film called "Dolly". He has worked on projects for Warner Bros, Lux Cosmetics, Juvederm and Netflix. He also crowdfunded a documentary that is currently in post-production. Frederik graduated from film production in 2019 from University of West London.

Luca Panh is a young filmmaker who graduated with a first in Film Production from the University of West London in 2019. He started his career working with several important musicians (Davide Shorty, Gareth Brown, Alba Piano, etc.) on their promo videos, live music and music videos. After he founded his first film company at the age of 20, working on several freelance productions, he wrote, directed and produced the documentary “Behind the Drag”, winning best film at the BFI Film Festival in 2018. His last documentary, "La Storia di Andrea", that follows the story of a famous Dj with ALS, has been screened in May 2019 at the Prince Charles Cinema in Leicester Square and it is currently in the editing stage for a longer version in order to be submitted to film festivals next year.